• The counter at Takikawa Tourism and International Square, which is accepting donations of used school bags

    The city of Takikawa in the Sorachi region of central Hokkaido is involved in an initiative to donate used school bags to children in the Ovorkhangai Province of Mongolia, with which the city has h...

  • Aviran is the owner of "Avi's kitchen", a Middle East cuisine take-out shop in Takikawa. The shop offers selections like "kebabs" (chicken grilled on skewers) and "falafels" (chickpea croquettes) stuffed inside pocket-shaped Middle Eastern bread to enjoy hamburger-style. "In addition to local residents, people who have visited or lived in the Middle East also come from long distances away and joyfully tell me the food really reminds them of their time there," Aviran said, smiling.