• Participants experiencing SUP yoga on the choppy sea

    On May 29, participants from throughout Hokkaido and beyond enjoyed participating in a monitor ‘SUP yoga’ activity that was held at Toyoura Seaside Park in the Iburi region of central Hokkaido.

  • The harvesting of ‘Kentaro’ strawberries, characterized by their rich fruity flavor and sweetness, began on April 20 at the ‘Ichigo Bunko’ facility in the town of Toyoura in the Iburi region of central Hokkaido, where growers continue to be trained. Local Vitalization Cooperators who are aiming to become farmers, carefully picked the large, ripe strawberries by hand. It is also the harvest season for Kentaro strawberries on farms in the town.

  • A tourist farm called "Berry Farm Toyoura", located along National Route 37 in Central Hokkaido Iburi region's town of Toyoura, has installed an unmanned firewood shop, and the shop is attracting popularity.

  • The Funka Bay Toyoura Tourist Association in the town of Toyoura in central Hokkaido is working on the development of a travel program for hands-on ‘adventure travel (AT)’ which is popular in Europe and the United States, as a tourism promotion policy in anticipation of the spread of the Coronavirus being brought under control. In consideration of the international AT conference ‘Adventure Travel World Summit (ATWS)’ to be held in Hokkaido in 2023, the association is seeking to create tours that incorporate the appeal of Funka Bay’s nature and the Ainu culture.

  • Harvesting work has begun in earnest in the town of Toyoura in central Hokkaido, where strawberry production thrives. At ‘Ichigo Bunko’, a regional industrial co-operation base facility in the Ohkishi district of the town, fresh strawberries are being picked by Hoshi Yusuke and his wife Akiko, who are ‘local vitalization cooperators’ aiming to become independent strawberry farmers.