• In light of continued service suspension due to tidal wave damage of January 2015, JR Hokkaido has expressed a desire to discontinue service or substitute bus service for the rail running between Mukawa and Samani (116 kilometers) on the JR Hidaka Line along the Pacific Coast in Central Hokkaido. All seven mayors in the Hidaka area held a special session on August 12 and resolved to aim for a final agreement with JR in September for complete discontinuance of rail service along that area by the end of next March with a substituting bus service introduced from April onward.

  • The Royal Express is a luxurious sightseeing tour train which will be operated by JR Hokkaido from August 28 to September 18 by rentin

  • JR Senmo Line's special sightseeing train "Kushiro Shitsugen Norokko" temporarily suspended service this season due to impact from the novel coronavirus pandemic. But on July 18 it operated its first round trip service 2 and a half months late, running between Kushiro Station (Kushiro City) and Toro Station (Shibecha town). Reserved seat tickets were reduced to about 40% compared to normal years, and coronavirus prevention measures were put in place.