• Brothers Sakota Takashi (right) and Sakota Satoru won the ultimate victory of being top in Japan for the Tsubetsu wagyu beef they produced.

    Sakota Takashi (44) and Sakota Satoru (36) are brothers and producers of "Tsubetsu Wagyu" in Okhotsk region's Tsubetsu Town. They won the top prize at a national competition over black hair wagyu m...

  • Yamagami Mokko, a furniture manufacturer in eastern Hokkaido’s Tsubetsu Town, dispatched 5,000 medal cases for the Tokyo Olympic/Paralympic Games to the Games Organizing Committee (Tokyo) on July 24.

  • Comet NEOWISE, discovered in late March this year, was visible to the naked eye above eastern Hokkaido’s Tsubetsu Pass in the early hours of July 10. It was shining dimply with the brightness of a first-class star. The comet was discovered by the Near-Earth Object Wide-field Explorer (NEOWISE) of the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). It approached the sun on July 4 and showed signs of activity.