"AI Cleaning Robot" at Hakodate Airport

The AI-equipped cleaning robot "Whiz" that was introduced in Hakodate Airport in January

A cleaning robot equipped with artificial intelligence was introduced in south Hokkaido’s Hakodate Airport in January, where it has taken over some of the cleaning work. Amidst an increase in disinfecting work due to novel coronavirus spreading, this robot has been successful in decreasing strain on human employees.

The cleaning robot is the “Whiz” model developed by Softbank Robotics (Tokyo). It is 65 centimeters tall, 47 centimeters wide, and 45 centimeters long, and weighs 32 kilograms. It automatically traverses the cleaning area programmed in its memory, avoiding obstacles in its way while vacuuming up debris on the carpet and floor. It can cover a range of up to 500 square meters in one hour, and its battery lasts for three hours of work time.

From 8:00 pm after the Hakodate Airport domestic terminal building closes, it cleans the approximately 1,300 square meter passenger waiting area in two and a half hours.

The company contracted to handle robot-assisted cleaning reports, “This new robot is definitely a help. We will have human workers take care of areas the cleaning robot cannot reach, like in-between chairs, and improve the cleanliness of the airport.”


Hakodate Airport