Alpaca born at Kushiro City Zoo for the first time in 6 years

The cute baby alpaca with its fluffy, white body hair and big, bright eyes

A baby alpaca has been born at Kushiro City Zoo in eastern Hokkaido for the first time since 2015. With its fluffy body hair and big, bright eyes, the cute male cria (baby alpaca) is growing-up fast while feeding on the milk of its mother (Topaz, aged 12).

The cria was born on May 27 to his mother, Topaz and father, Neptune. The alpaca weighed 7.4 kg immediately after birth but by June 8, his weight had increased to 10.4 kg. His body hair is white, with brown patches on parts of his head and backside. Currently, the cria lives with Topaz inside the barn and has been on public display since June 11.

The birth of the alpaca brings the number being raised at Kushiro City Zoo to six.


Kushiro City Zoo