Banner hung from Nemuro City Hall to celebrate Osaka Naomi’s great achievement

The banner celebrating Osaka Naomi’s victory, hanging from the Nemuro City Hall

A banner celebrating tennis player Osaka Naomi’s second Australian Open women’s singles title was hung from the City Hall building in the city of Nemuro in the eastern Hokkaido region on February 21. Osaka has close links with Nemuro, as her mother originates from there and her grandfather, Osaka Tetsuo is head of the Nemuro Fisheries Cooperative.

 The words “Congratulations on your victory Osaka Naomi” were printed in large letters on the 11-meter-long, 1.2-meter-wide banner, which also featured a silhouette of Osaka in action, with a pink wristband – like the one she wore in this tournament – on her right hand.

 “Osaka’s victory brought some joy to the city. We’re all really happy and proud,” said the proprietor of a local signage company responsible for installing the banner.


Nemuro City Hall