Brown Bear Gets MRI Scan

The Animal Medical Center, Rakuno Gakuen University in Ebetsu City is a secondary medical care office that provides advanced medical care not just to large animals including cows and horses, but also to zoo animals and pets such as dogs and cats. On June 25, a brown bear that is suffering from symptoms of epilepsy was brought from the Noboribetsu Bear Park to this medical center to undergo a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) test. Giving this test to a live bear is very unusual, both in Japan and around the world as well.

During the MRI test that lasts about 2 hours, the anesthetization tube was inserted into the trachea in order not to suffocate or wake up. In the simultaneous progression with this, the doctors passed the catheter to an artery in the foot and examined the blood. Since doctors had to put their hands in bear’s mouth even though the bear was under general anesthesia, they simulated as carefully as they could and conducted the work.


The Animal Medical Center, Rakuno Gakuen University