Lambing season starts for Suffolk sheep in Shibetsu

In the Northern Hokkaido city of Shibetsu, which is known as a sheep town, lambing season has started again this winter for the special sheep breed Suffolk.

On January 20, the first lambs of this winter were born at the sheep barn in “Kawanishi-no-Oka Shizuo Farm”, which houses the city’s largest population of breeding sheep at 245 head. The newborn lambs are a male-female twin pair. Both are estimated at about 40 centimeters long and around four kilograms in weight. The twins are walking around the barn energetically and snuggling up with their mother. They are both completely black now, but will supposedly grow white hair on the trunks of their bodies in around two months.

Breeding sheep were paired at the farm from September to December of last year, in line with their mating season, and the lambing season will reach its peak in early February of this year. On a busy day, up to 12 or 13 lambs are born in one day. A total of approximately 370 lamb births are expected by April. They will be raised until they reach 65 kilograms in weight by 8 months after birth, and then shipped to businesses within and outside of Hokkaido, such as restaurants and department stores.

The president of the farm commented, “We will raise them well and ship them off.”

Twin newborn lambs walking around near their mother (in the back)


Kawanishi-no-Oka Shizuo Farm