Children watching demon fireworks up-close in Noboribetsu

A famous event at the Noboribetsu hot spring, “Hell Valley Demon Fireworks,” was held on the night of September 19 at the Horobetsu Elementary School field in central Hokkaido’s Noboribetsu City. Pillars of fire shoot up from fireworks held in the hands of performers. The event was implemented as an opportunity for children to enjoy a famous local performance since school events have been continuously canceled due to the novel corona virus pandemic.
Demon Fireworks events are usually held for tourists from June to July every year in the Jigokudani (Hell Valley) area of the Noboribetsu hot spring by the city government and other organizations, but they were canceled this year. The action committee consisting of the Noboribetsu city government and participating entities planned Demon Firework events at schools to give children a chance to make good memories amidst the corona virus pandemic.
About 800 people including children and local residents gathered at the school field. Six volunteer city residents held fireworks in their hands and the fire pillars shot up about eight meters high. The performers dressed up like hot spring guardian deities. About 200 dazzling rocket fireworks lit up the night sky.
Starting with this Horobetsu Elementary School event, the city is planning to hold Demon Firework events at six schools total in Noboribetsu City through October.


Horobetsu Elementary School