Commemorative ceremony at Cape Soya, 37 years after Korean Air Lines Flight Incident

September 1 marks 37 years since the Korean Air Lines Flight 007 Incident that resulted in the death of all 269 passengers and crew members. A ceremony commemorating the victims in the accident and praying for peace was held on that day at Wakkanai City’s Cape Soya Park, which overlooks the waters off of Sakhalin Island where the crash occurred.
Bereaved family members usually gather from outside of Hokkaido for this ceremony annually, but this year they declined to help prevent novel coronavirus spreading, and sent messages only. The attendee count was 120 people, which is less than the yearly average.
In his address, Wakkanai Mayor Hiroshi Kudo said, “From this spot, I would like to call for an end to pointless tragedies like terrorism and racial prejudice.” Messages from members of the bereaved family association were also presented, with readings including words such as, “We are thankful to everyone who continues to protect the tradition of this ceremony even amidst the impact of the coronavirus.” After the ceremony, attendees rang the bell at “The Tower of Prayer” monument for the Korean Air Lines Flight 007 victims and prayed for peace.
The incident involved the now-defunct Soviet Armed Forces shooting down a Korean Air Lines plane headed from New York to Seoul on September 1, 1983. After the incident, Wakkanai City declared itself “A city of child raising and peace” and set September 1 as a “Day of Peace”.

Attendees ringing the bell and praying for peace


Cape Soya Park