Commemorative event at Hakodate Airport as HAC retires a SAAB aircraft from service

A Hokkaido Air System (HAC, Sapporo) SAAB 340B (36-seater) propeller aircraft was retired from service on December 29 last year, and an event to commemorate the final flight was held at Hakodate Airport.

HAC introduced three such Swedish-made aircraft in 1999 and 1998, when operations began. From April this year, larger, new French-made ATR42-600 (48-seater) aircraft are being introduced. The SAAB aircraft being retired was introduced in ’99 and is the first of the three original planes to be withdrawn from service.

The final flight, bound for Okadama Airport, departed from Hakodate at 3:45 pm with 33 passengers on board. Company employees handed out commemorative goods to passengers and saw-off the departure while holding a banner with the words “Thank You for 21 Years”.

HAC plans to retire the remaining two SAAB aircraft before the end of this year.


Hakodate Airport