Craft beer made with delicious Higashikawa water – Higashikawa Ale unveiled

Five residents of Higashikawa, a neighboring town of Asahikawa in northern Hokkaido, held a reception on November 8 at ‘Centpure I’, an exchange facility in the town, to unveil a beer that a local microbrewery has been commissioned to produce. The brew known as HIGASHIKAWA ALE is made using local groundwater and has a pleasant aroma and profound taste.

  The five residents “want to use beer to promote Higashikawa” and next year plan to set up their own brewery to produce the beer themselves. The members include Karl Wilcock, who runs a coffee shop in the town, and friends who work at Asahikawa’s Taisetsu Ji-beer company. They had an urge to create a beer using the town’s ‘Taisetsu Asahidake source water’ – which was selected as one of the Ministry of the Environment’s ‘Top 100 waters of the Heisei era’ – and commissioned Taisetsu Ji-beer to produce 600 liters.


Centpure I