"Drive My Car" wins U.S. Academy Award, filming location Akabira City residents exuberant

Akabira residents exuberant over Best International Feature Film award (10:30 a.m. March 28, Omachi, Akabira)

The announcement and award ceremony for the 94th U.S. Academy Awards was held in Hollywood on March 27 (March 28 Japan time), and “Drive My Car” by director Hamaguchi Ryusuke (43) won the Oscar for Best International Feature Film. To film the climax scene, lead actor Nishijima Hidetoshi and cast visited the city of Akabira in the Central Hokkaido Sorachi region, and Akabira residents expressed joy at how proud the award made them feel for their city.

During film shooting in December of 2020, Akabira eatery owner Sasaki served free pork cutlet ramen to the cast and staff on the scale of about 40 people. On March 28, the eatery tuned into a satellite broadcast of the awards ceremony. When the award was announced, people in the eatery exclaimed, “Alright!” The film did not win in its other three nominated categories, but Sasaki smiled and said, “It was a pretty special and rare emotional moment. People all over the world saw the winter scenery of Akabira.”


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