Esashi Fishery Cooperative Union launches website to increase post-coronavirus exports

On December 23, Esashi Fishery Cooperative Union in the northern Hokkaido fishing town of Esashi launched a website introducing the fishing industries centered on scallops, aki-sake salmon, and horsehair crab and efforts to protect the bountiful natural environment. It is offered in English and Chinese as well. It is designed to enhance the image of Esashi seafood in order to increase exports after the novel coronavirus dies down.

The website introduces readers to the Sea of Okhotsk with its wintertime drift ice inflow and rich phytoplankton ecosystem and the natural environment in Esashi, where the bounty of the forests is delivered into the ocean through the 17 rivers flowing through the town. It also introduces the efforts of the Union to protect that bountiful natural environment, including planting approximately seventy thousand Glehn’s spruces and mizunara trees.

The Union plans to eventually link the website to sites like the online shop operated by the Esashi Tourist Association. In addition to increasing domestic sales for items like scallops, the goal is to increase name recognition to expand exports to places like China.

The Union also plans to use the website to announce information on their fresh seasonal seafood. Union Chairperson Sunaga reports, “We want to spread the word both in Japan and internationally about the value and attraction of the Esashi seafood industry and link this to recovering from our novel coronavirus related losses.”
The website address is

The Esashi Fishery Cooperative Union website spreads the word about the bountiful natural environs of the Esashi Town ocean and mountain area.