Experiencing the nature of Sarobetsu virtually by means of VR images

Display of VR experiences established by the Ministry of the Environment Wakkanai Ranger Office for Nature Conservation

The Ministry of the Environment Wakkanai Ranger Office for Nature Conservation in the northern Hokkaido town of Toyotomi has established a large-scale monitor and digital signage at the Sarobetsu Wetland Center, with which multilingual, virtual reality (VR) images of the beautiful nature of the Rishiri-Rebun-Sarobetsu National Park can be experienced.

 The ministry is aiming to improve convenience for users of national parks, including overseas visitors to Japan, and as part of this has strengthened its function for conveying information.

 The VR images can be manipulated freely 360 degrees, up and down and zoomed-in, using levers and buttons. A total of five courses, each approximately five minutes long, make full use of helicopter and drone images, enabling viewers to enjoy aerial views of coastal areas and the summit of Mt. Rishiri on the island of Rishiri, as well as virtual strolls through the deepest parts of the wetland that are usually inaccessible.

 Furthermore, multilingual digital signage was also installed simultaneously, enabling visitors to use touch panels to gather a wide range of information within the national park.

 Images that provide the realistic feeling of being at Penke Marsh in the coastal sand-dune forest, and taking part in sea kayaking activities in the emerald-green sea are also receiving rave reviews.


Sarobetsu Wetland Center