Filipino woman opens her dream café in Rausu more than 30 years after arriving in Japan

Owner Iizuka Rosy in front of the ‘Jappina Café’ that opened in Fujimi-cho in the town

Iizuka Rosy, who moved to the town of Rausu in eastern Hokkaido from the Philippines over 30 years ago has opened a café in the town, called ‘Jappina Café’, which is proving popular among locals. “I want to make it a cheerful café where everyone is welcome,” said an enthusiastic Rosy on her dream opening.
Rosy first came to Japan at the age of 18 after acquiring a visa as a member of a dance group. At the age of 21, she married a man she met while visiting Rausu as part of her job, and moved to the town to live. Ever since, Rosy has taught children English while working in a seafood processing plant and hotel in the town.
“In Rausu, people share fish and daily necessities with others. It has a warmth because it’s such a small town, and the more time I spend here, the more I like it,” says Rosy.
The café, which has been a dream of Rosy since moving to the town, opened on October 23. Its name is a fusion of the words ‘Japan’ and “Filipina’. Originally a coffee shop, the building has been renovated and almost all the interior goods, plates and the like were handmade by Rosy.
Rosy’s recommendations include Dalgona Coffee, made with milk topped with whipped instant coffee and sugar, as well as juice made from Philippine mangoes. In future, Rosy also plans to serve light meals such as one-plate lunches and the like.
With a counter and several tables, the café seats 17, and Japanese, English and Tagalog – the official language of the Philippines – are spoken.


Jappina Café