First Japanese-language edition of ‘Powder Life’ conveying the appeal to domestic tourists

The magazine with the black cover is the Japanese edition. Editor-in-chief Lund wants to “target Japanese people who long to visit Niseko”.

Powder Life’, a free magazine issued by the Niseko Media publishing company in Niseko in central Hokkaido, will this winter be issued in a Japanese-language edition in addition to its conventional English-language edition. As the publication of many English-media public information magazines has been cancelled amid the uncertainty around the return of inbound tourist due to the covid-19 pandemic, a new challenge has begun to “target Japanese people who long to visit Niseko”.

Niseko Media has issued the free English-language magazine, which features info on bars, restaurants, real estate and the like in the Niseko area, since 2007. Since 2012, the magazine has been distributed as a seasonal winter/summer magazine in Niseko as well as in Hong Kong and Singapore.

  This winter, a temporary halt in publication of the magazine was considered due to the coronavirus pandemic.
However, Australian editor-in-chief Kristian Lund perceives this optimistically as “an opportunity to convey the appeal of Niseko to the Japanese.” Advertising, the main source of income for the magazine, has dropped to 60% of that of last winter but, in the end, efforts to publish were successful.

This winter, 15,000 copies of the English edition, and 10,000 copies of the Japanese edition of the magazine, which comprises approx. 170 pages, will be issued. Distribution will begin in accommodation facilities, supermarkets and the like in the Niseko region from the end of November, and the English edition will also be distributed in Honk Kong and other overseas locations. Furthermore, a new trial will also begin to mail copies to those throughout the world who want them, in a bid to “create interest among potential overseas customers who are not able to visit Niseko”.
 If the Japanese edition proves popular, editor-in-chief Lund plans to enhance the contents “to try and create an opportunity to develop the Japanese market”.

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