Fully equipped barrier-free restaurant

A wheelchair using couple enjoys delicious food and conversation
Assorted sashimi platter

Barrier-free restaurants are popping up all over Sapporo recently, including places with wheelchair accessible bathrooms, places without any steps at all, and places with braille menus for visually impaired people.

“Japanese Dining Ichijiku” (7th Floor, Fourth Fujii Building, South 4 West 5, Chuo-ku) has absolutely no steps from the building entrance and elevator area up to the restaurant entrance and restaurant interior. Parties of over 10 diners in wheelchairs can dine together at a table. The restaurant offers seasonally fresh seafood at low prices, and is already putting smiles on faces.

The popular "Shime Parfait"

“Universal Cafe minna” (3 Makomanai Kamimachi, Minami-ku) in the Sapporo suburbs has bathrooms equipped with fold-out multi-use seats to make changing diapers easy for adults as well, and a tatami-mat area where elderly visitors can lie down and children can play.
Universal Cafe minna also provides training opportunities for special education school students with disabilities. It strives to actualize an environment where diners can interact with the trainees in a space that is “barrier-free for the heart” as well.

The in-shop tatami-mat space