Goats let loose to graze at winery in Nakafurano

Goats grazing in the grounds of the Domaine Raison Winery

 Goats have been let loose to graze in the grounds of the Domaine Raison Winery by National Highway Route 237 in the town of Nakafurano in central Hokkaido, where visitors are enjoying the sight of the cute animals eating grass.

 The goats, which are raised at the winery, are a dairy breed with a placid personality. Almost every day since last month, a total of 34 goats – including 13 kids born in March and April – feed on fresh, young grass and dandelions.

 According to Mr. Goto, who is responsible for rearing them, the milk from the goats is processed to make soft-serve ice cream and soap, which is then sold. “I want them to grow up healthily on the wide, open land,” he says.

 The goats are let loose to graze at the winery until the snow starts to fall sometime around autumn. During the grazing period, hands-on goat feeding activities (200 yen) and milking activities (500 yen) can be enjoyed.


Domaine Raison Winery