Graffiti found on Hokkaido Heritage at Former Shihoro Line Arch Bridge

Volunteers from local construction companies began work on June 12 to erase graffiti that was discovered on part of ‘The Former National Railways Concrete Arch Bridges of the Shihoro Line’, a registered Hokkaido Heritage in the town of Kamishihoro in the Tokachi region of eastern Hokkaido.

 The graffiti was discovered on the ‘No. 2 Otofuke River Overpass’, which was constructed along the Otofuke River valley in 1936. Five employees from the Kawamura-gumi construction company (Kamishihoro) and Taisei Tosou Kogyo (Otofuke), an associate painting company, took part in the work to erase the graffiti. The volunteers used solvents such as thinners to lift the stains, before spending approximately three-and-a-half hours erasing them with steel brushes.

 The graffiti comprised English-like letters painted with what looked like black spray-paint over a 2-meter-tall, 2.5-meter-wide section of the inside of an arch, but is now almost invisible.

 According to the town’s tourism association, the owner of the overpass is unknown. After being consulted by the association, the two companies took on the work free of charge as a way of contributing to the community. “We’re glad to have erased the graffiti and restored it to almost its original state. It’s a precious bridge that’s registered as a Hokkaido Heritage, so we want to protect it,” said Kawamura-gumi’s site manager. Morii Hiroyuki.

Workers use brushes to erase the graffiti from the No. 2 Otofuke River Overpass. June 12
The graffiti before it was erased; English alphabet-like letters had been painted. May 27


No. 2 Otofuke River Overpass