Hokkaido alcohol aging in the Tsugaru Strait

Honma surveying with an "ocean drone"

Sapporo bar owner Ikkei Honma created a specialty company that will age Hokkaido-made Western alcohol and sake along the ocean floor. He started amassing financing through crowdfunding in October. With assistance from south Hokkaido’s Kamiiso District Fishery Cooperative (Shiriuchi Town), he will submerge alcoholic beverages in the Tsugaru Strait starting in January of next year, age them there for about a year, and then market them as a new Hokkaido flavour.
At the Tsugaru Strait, a total of 950 bottles including Hokkaido made whiskey and local Kikonai Town sake will be enclosed in cases and submerged twenty to thirty meters under the ocean in the offing along the two southern Hokkaido towns of Shiriuchi and Kikonai. The load will consist of 400 crowdfunding return present bottles, 400 bottles for sale, and another 150 bottles sent on request from nationwide bar owners.
In the process of commercializing this project, Honma hired a private research institution in Tokyo to analyse alcoholic beverages aged on the ocean floor. The conclusion was, “The flavour and fragrance components of the alcohol were more complex compared to the same brands preserved at bars.”
“Sea floor aged liquor” will be available for purchasing from around March 2022 onward.


Kamiiso District Fishery Cooperative