Hokkaido Shinkansen Oshima Tunnel interior visited by elementary school students

On November 6 in the Southern Hokkaido city of Hokuto, an on-site tour for children and parents was held at Oshima Tunnel, where construction work is progressing in the project to extend the Hokkaido Shinkansen to Sapporo by the end of the 2030 fiscal year. A total of 28 people participated, consisting of Southern Hokkaido elementary school students and guardians. They walked around the interior of the unfinished tunnel.

This is the first such unveiling, and was organized by Hokkaido Shinkansen Construction Promotion and Southern Hokkaido Region Advocacy Committee. Construction staff guided the participants through the interior of the Daibayama construction zone (3.5 kilometers) part of Oshima Tunnel (32.7 kilometers).

Construction staff members gave explanations of various aspects of the tunnel interior, such as, “To prevent the stone from crumbling or collapsing, we cover the interior of the wall with concrete.” Three large construction machines were displayed, including an excavator with a drill tip. Visitors took photos and were allowed to try operating machinery in the control seat.

Visitors looking at large machinery for digging in the tunnel


Oshima Tunnel