Ice rink transformed into "water mirror" at Tomakomai Hakucho Oji Ice Arena

The ceiling frame is reflected like a mirror in the Hakucho Oji Ice Arena ice rink, located in Tomakomai in the Central Hokkaido Iburi region. This effect is generated by a “water mirror” that is only viewable once a year due to the rink ice melting process that happens in the spring off-season when the rink is not used for ice hockey matches.

The ice is melted to allow maintenance and inspections for things like the cooling equipment in the rink. This year the melting process started on April 10. After scraping away half of the 4.5-cm-thick ice layer, the remaining ice was melted. Light reflected off the surface of the approximately 45,000 liters of water that filled the rink, resulting in a beautifully clear reflection of the ceiling.

Ice will be layered in the rink starting around mid-June, and it is slated to reopen in July.

A "water mirror" reflecting the ceiling framework after the rink ice melted (April 15, Hakucho Oji Ice Arena in Tomakomai)


Hakucho Oji Ice Arena