‘ICT Park’, one of Hokkaido’s largest-scale e-sports facilities opens in Asahikawa

‘Kokugeki’ inside the ICT Park. One of Hokkaido’s largest-scale e-sports stadiums, equipped with a 5-m-wide large-scale LED monitor and 180 seats.

‘ICT Park’, a base for the utilization of information and communication technology (ICT), maintained by NTT East and other companies in a city center building in Asahikawa in northern Hokkaido, was unveiled to the press after it opened on February 7. ‘Kokugeki’, an e-sports stadium that has introduced the country’s first next-generation 5G communication standard, will form the core of the facility. To prevent the spread of infections from the Covid-19 virus, use of the facility will be limited to specific events for the time being, but it is due to be opened to the public in April, at the earliest.

 Kokugeki is one of the largest-scale e-sports stadiums in Hokkaido. The facility, which utilizes 5G that makes it possible to communicate large-capacities of images and sound, serves as an experimental business demonstration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and enables e-sports to be enjoyed by players in remote areas. The facility also includes spectator seating and a large-scale LCD display, and can be used for theater and concerts, too.

 The Park is also equipped with a ‘training room’ complete with ten game computers with high-level video processing capacity, where e-sports can be enjoyed and where programming lessons for elementary and junior high school students are due to be held. Apart from specific events, use by companies and the general public is, in principle, free of charge.


Asahikawa ICT Park ‘Kokugeki’