Ireland’s traditional green paraded in Sapporo for first time in three years

Participants parade through the streets wearing green

A St. Patrick’s Day parade, in which people dress in green and walk through the streets as part of a traditional Irish festival, was held in central Sapporo on March 19.
Approximately 50 people took part in the parade, which was held for the first time in three years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Irish fiddle and flute music was performed by participants as they marched through the city streets, where snow still remained.
Parades are held around the world to commemorate St. Patrick, who introduced Christianity to Ireland. Students from Hokkaido University and Hokkai Gakuen University, who are involved in city planning, started this event in 2019 to liven up Sapporo in March, when few events are held, and to promote international interaction.
Wearing green hats and masks distributed by the organizers, locals and Irish residents living in Hokkaido spent 30 minutes walking from Odori Park to Kita 3-jo Plaza (Akapla), carrying flags and balloons.
Minori McCreary, a Sapporo resident who has lived in Ireland, said, “Thanks to The St. Patrick’s Day’s parade, I was able to meet my friends. I hope the event will continue to spread Irish culture and history in Hokkaido.”


Odori Park