JAL employees experience grape harvesting and wine making work

JAL employees experience manual de-stemming work. October 24

Employees of the Japan Airlines (JAL) group helped with the harvesting of grapes and the wine-making process at the BOSS AGRI winery in the city of Kitami.

The JAL group employees visited as volunteers, as they did last year, to contribute to the community and discover local resources. A total of 31 employees who work at Memanbetsu and Haneda airports, participated for four days in October. During this time, six international-route ground staff from Haneda visited the winery to harvest ‘Kiyomai’ grapes and experience manual de-stemming work, which involves rubbing the grapes on metal nets to remove the stems from the bunches.

“The fact that it is carefully made by human hands was conveyed,” said Ms. Endo who participated as a volunteer. “I sensed the commitment to making wine and look forward to what kind of taste will be produced,” added Ms. Tanabe.


BOSS AGRI winery