Kuma Kengo to set up telework office in Higashikawa

Architect Kuma Kengo (66), who was involved in crafting the design of the New National Stadium to be used in the Tokyo Olympics, will set up a telework office in the town of Higashikawa. He will rent one telework office building (approximately 150 square meters total) from the town government, to be built within the town. Kuma is also working on the building design as well. The plan is for several designers to move in early next year at the earliest, and reside there permanently.

Kuma has offices in four locations worldwide including Tokyo and Paris, and is involved in many projects both in Japan and abroad. When inspecting Higashikawa in February of last year, he decided to set up an office there.

Kuma wants to use this new office as a Hokkaido base for himself as well. He commented, “Nestled in a wonderful environmental that includes the grand nature of the Taisetsu Mountain Range and plentiful underground water flow, this is an ideal place to live as a telework location.”

The town will build and rent out telework office space in a total of four two-story wood construction buildings.


Higashikawa Town