Kushiro’s night sky colored by lasers

Colorful beams of light color the night sky during the fog laser show

The annual ‘KIRI FES’ (fog festival), an event that brightens up the summer in Kushiro in eastern Hokkaido, took place over 3 days from July 23–25, at the Saiwaicho Park plaza by the Kushiro River estuary and other venues in the city of Kushiro. In the evening, a fog laser show took place, with the venue wrapped in beams of light of various shades, vividly coloring the festival’s nighttime sky.

The fog laser show utilized artificial fog to reflect beams of light in shades of green, blue and the like. The beams were flashed in time to music, creating ripple-like projections amid a mystical atmosphere.

The venue also included a ‘seafood barbeque market’ comprising 18 food stalls and live performances by artists. Admission was limited to 5,000 as part of Coronavirus measures.  


Saiwaicho Park plaza