Lamb with cow markings born on New Year’s Day

A male lamb is reputed to be ‘auspicious’ after it was born in Sapporo’s neighboring town of Naganuma. The lamb, which was born on New Year’s Day this year – the year of the ox – has black and white markings like that of a Holstein cow.

 The lamb was born at Yamada’s Sheep Rearing House, a farm in the town of Naganuma. Its father is a Jacob breed of sheep, and its mother is a Black Welsh Mountain sheep; the black and white body markings are traits passed down from his father.

 The part from both his ears down to his cheeks is black, while the part between its forehead and mouth is white, with diagonal black markings on the tip of his nose and mouth, making his mouth look like it’s contorted into a cheeky grin.

 According to Yamada, the newly born lamb likes playing with two other lambs that were born a couple of days earlier. He breastfeeds regularly and now weighs almost 7 kg, one week after weighing 4.5 kg at birth. “We will raise him ourselves for the time being, but we would like lots of people to see him so are thinking of giving him to a local tourist farm,” said a smiling Yamada.


Naganuma town