New electric three-wheeled vehicles with "Peko-chan" design at Daikan Ranch in Yakumo

Electrically powered three-wheeled vehicles with a "Peko-chan" design on the sides of the seat

“Daikan Ranch” launched this spring, and is the first dairy farming training ranch in Southern Hokkaido. The Yakumo town government and an agricultural corporation funded by entities such as the major Western sweets producer Fujiya (Tokyo) are going to install electrically powered three-wheeled vehicles at the ranch in September. The vehicles will assist in giving tours to visitors who come from both inside and outside of the town to see the ranch. They will transport visitors when traversing the spacious ranch area. The popular Fujiya character “Peko-chan” appears on the sides of the seat. The cute character is expected to garner attention.

There will be two new vehicles, one red and one blue. The vehicles were designed to complement the “Peko-chan” image and the image for the agricultural corporation Seinensha that manages the ranch. First, “Peko-chan” was inserted on the ranch sign, and the three-wheeled vehicle design was the second installment in this design rollout.

Both vehicles are 2.1 meters long, 1 meter wide, and 1.7 meters tall, and seat three people. They can be recharged at a household electrical source, and can run for 50 kilometers from one full charge. They can be driven on public roads as long as the driver has a standard automobile driver’s license. In addition to transporting observation visitors around the approximately 13 hectare ranch area with its cowsheds and office space, the vehicles are also expected to be used as transport when staff members go back and forth between the farm and the training facilities.

The goal of the ranch is to cultivate new workers to take up the dairy farming mantle and shore up the farming labor shortage caused by farmer aging and a shortage of farming successors. Currently, three trainees are training in a two year training period.


Daikan Ranch