New Muroran City Shukutsu Park Soccer Field with FIFA standard artificial turf, clubhouse, and night lighting

Artist's representation of the completed Shukutsu Park Soccer Field slated to open in FY 2023 (computer image courtesy of Muroran City)

On August 30, Muroran City released an overview of the Shukutsu Park Soccer Field slated to open in 2023. One soccer court is being installed to replace the current Shukutsu Park Soccer Field. The new court will be overlaid with high-performance artificial turf that meets the standards of the international football federation (FIFA). A clubhouse, nighttime lighting, raised embankment stands, and a 450 meter jogging course will also be added. Direction and management is being handled by Leifras (Tokyo), a company that offers sports lessons, etc., nationwide.

The artificial turf for the new soccer field will be long pile turf, which has a high cushion performance. It also has other functions including curbing temperature increase on the court and being highly durable. Compared to the current dirt court, the practice and match environment will improve significantly. The city government is considering potentially offering lessons and events centering on soccer, based on the direction and management provided by Leifras.

The clubhouse is slated to be a two story building on the west side of the court, and will include an observation deck, lounge, locker room, etc. The parking area will house up to 180 standard cars and 3 large buses. The north side of the soccer court (currently a tennis court) will be a multi-purpose space for families, etc., to gather.


Shukutsu Park