Niseko Express on display, preserved train car installed at train station front

A preserved car from “Niseko Express”, a resort train that once connected Sapporo and Niseko, was placed in front of JR Niseko Station on November 16. The repainted and streamlined single train car appeared on display for the first time in the local Niseko area. The display will begin in front of the same station in mid-December as well.
The train car was carried in by a trailer from the Sapporo JR factory in the predawn of the 16th. The approximately 20-meter-long, 45-ton car was lifted by a crane at about 10 am and put on a display rail that had been laid out on a town-owned plot in front of the station. Train enthusiasts who had gathered to see it took photos enthusiastically.
The JR Hokkaido-operated Niseko Express retired in 2017 due to aging. Volunteers from the town who wanted it to be preserved raised funds through crowdfunding for fees including the purchasing cost. 10,250,000 yen in nationwide donations came in, making it possible to display the car in Niseko Town.


JR Niseko Station