Online Sapporo Snow Festival: video of Snow Miku snow sculpture production broadcast online

A small snow sculpture modeled on ‘Snow Miku,’ the production process of which, along with other information, is being broadcast online. February 5, in Sapporo

‘Online Sapporo Snow Festival 2022,’ an alternative event to the Sapporo Snow Festival, which was cancelled for the second consecutive year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, is being held from February 5 to 28. A video of the snow sculpting process is being broadcast, and virtual reality (VR) images of the snow sculptures are also being shown.

The production process being shown is that of a small snow sculpture (3 meters high and 6 meters wide) featuring ‘Snow Miku,’ the winter version of ‘Hatsune Miku,’ a virtual idol singer that originates from Sapporo. The three-minute video shows the 10 days of work it took to carve the snow blocks and complete the sculpture, and also shows how the sculpture is lit up.
The VR video features a replica of the Theatiner Kirche (church) in Germany, a snow sculpture that was due to be built in Odori Park, Sapporo, and will be released on the 23rd. In addition, there will be a photo contest and live video of a performance by a DJ active on the global stage.

Details are available on the specially established website