Original Washo Ichiba Market Shopping Bag

Increasingly popular original shopping bag

Washo Ichiba market, the ‘kitchen for Kushiro residents’, is a popular sightseeing spot. In accordance with the introduction of the new plastic bag charge that started in July, the Kushiro Washo Cooperative which operates the market planned and started selling an original reusable shopping bag. This reusable bag has been gaining popularity as a new Kushiro souvenir.

The cooperative produced the bag on their 60th anniversary in 2014. The bag was made based on a design inspired by a traditional apron that many of the employees of the market regularly use, and the fabric choice of 100% cotton was selected in order to enhance the strength. The bag went on sale on July 16 and has been attracting a wide range of customers from people in their 30s to middle-aged and elderly people. Customers purchase this bag for everyday use or as a souvenir.

At the center of the design is a white Japanese character for the “Wa” in “Washo Ichiba,” a choice that should draw in support from foreign tourists as well. The price is 1,650 yen. The bag is sold at the information counter in the market and at their online store.


Washo Ichiba market