Muroran Institute of Technology’s Professor Dong and Associate Professor Ota selected in the 2021 highly-cited researchers list

Muroran Institute of Technology’s Professor Dong Mianxiong (right) and Associate Professor Ota Kaoru with the certificate received from Clarivate Analytics

Professor Dong Mianxiong (40) and his wife, Associate Professor Ota Kaoru (37), both of Muroran Institute of Technology – have been selected as two of the 2021 highly-cited researchers published by Clarivate Analytics, a U.S. information company. This is the second time since 2019 that the couple has been included in the list, which evaluates the frequency of which papers by the world’s researchers are cited by others. The couple are two of only four people in Japan to have been listed in the field of computer science, including information and communication technology.

Each year, Clarivate Analytics selects the top one percent of researchers whose papers have been cited the most times in the past 10 years. In 2021, a total of 6,602 researchers in 22 fields were selected, and 89 of these researchers were in Japan. Of the total number of researchers selected worldwide, 110 were in the field of computer science.

In 2018, Professor Dong and Associate Professor Ota, who specialize in information networks, published a joint paper on the basic technology that combines IoT (Internet of Things) and artificial intelligence (AI) to connect things via the Internet. The theory can be applied to automated driving and remote medical treatment, and in 2020 they received the Outstanding Asian Paper Award from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. In addition, they were also recognized for the large number of citations they have received for approximately 30 papers they each publish annually.

Professor Dong is the vice-president of the university and was born in Shanghai, China. He came to Japan in the sixth grade of elementary school and met Associate Professor Ota – who is originally from Fukushima Prefecture – at the University of Aizu (Fukushima), and they married in 2009. Associate Professor Ota and Professor Dong took up posts at Muroran Institute of Technology in 2013 and 2014, respectively. Professor Dong is developing a small-drone system that can replace cellphone base stations in disaster-stricken areas where communication networks are paralyzed, while Associate Professor Ota is researching reflection technology for millimeter waves, which is expected to be used in next-generation mobile communication systems.

The notification of the selection arrived on their wedding anniversary, November 16. The couple were said to be surprised by the coincidence, but very happy, adding “we will continue to work hard on our research and not get carried away by the appraisal”.


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