Ozeki to attempt Guinness World Record for freediving beneath the drift ice, next year   

A freediver swims beneath the drift ice in preparation for the Guinness World Record attempt (photo courtesy of underwater photographer Muro Shintaro)

On February 25, an ice freediving event – in which divers swim under the drift ice without breathing apparatus – was held at Utoro Fishing Port in the Shiretoko region of eastern Hokkaido. Next winter, Ozeki Yasuko, a Tokyo resident who was second in the women’s 2021 world rankings in the sport of freediving, plans an attempt on the Guinness World Record for diving under and parallel with the ice, and was confirming the conditions of the icy sea.
  The event was planned by freedivers and underwater photographers. On the day of the event, Ozeki and other participants opened a hole in the 80-cm-thick ice and swam for a distance of approximately 20 meters, beneath the ice. They checked the tension of the underwater rope used when diving, as well as the brightness of the sea under the drift ice, in preparation for the attempt next year.

  The current Guinness World Record is 103 meters, set last year by a Finnish woman.
“The dynamic ice and the serenity of the world beneath it are so wonderful that you forget how cold it is. I’m looking forward to attempting the record with my team next year,” said Ozeki.


Utoro Fishing Port