Hotel refurbished from Old Russian Consulate, aims for high class to draw high-end guests, 2025 launch target

A proposal image for a first floor restaurant in the main building (provided by Sovereign Corporation)

Automobile parts wholesaler Sovereign Corporation (Nagoya) is proceeding with conferences aiming to purchase the Old Russian Consulate that is currently owned by the city of Hakodate in the Southern Hokkaido region. Sovereign Corporation wants to refurbish the Consulate into a hotel facility and open it in March of 2025. It will promote the hotel as a high class establishment with rooms in the price range of 80,000 yen per night, targeting high-end guests from both inside Japan and abroad. Sapporo born author Tanimura Shiho is also involved in the project.

According to Sovereign Corporation, there will be a total of six rooms, with two in the main building and four in an annex that will be newly constructed. The plans will allot over 90 square meters for each room. Accommodation expenses are planned at around 80,000 yen per person per night, with breakfast and dinner included. Restaurants and boutique facilities will also be installed. Architectural design and construction will be handled by the architectural design office “nA Nakayama Architects” (Sapporo), the company that designed the “Esashi Ryotei Kuki” hot spring inn in the town of Esashi in the Southern Hokkaido region.

Sovereign Corporation wants to take time inspecting and refurbishing, saying, “The refurbishing may newly reveal highly valuable parts of the original construction.” It is projecting a refurbishing cost at the same as the estimate from the city government, no less than a 114 million yen minimum.

Sovereign Corporation President Murase Hiromasa expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “We appreciate the importance of being allowed to look after one of Hakodate’s valuable cultural properties, and we want to move forward in this project with that feeling foremost in our hearts.”

Tanimura is the author of the novel “Kurokami” (Black Hair), which features the Old Russian Consulate, and has a workplace in the western area of Hakodate. Sovereign Corporation relayed Tanimura’s words, “I am enjoying the fragments of history that are revealed through the process of restoration and refurbishing. And I want to communicate this to everyone in some form.”


Old Russian Consulate