Yellow blossoms delight visitors during peak of mimosa 

Yellow flowers in full bloom as the mimosa blossoms reach their peak

The blossoming of mimosa trees, a member of the bean family that originates in Australia, is reaching its peak at a greenery center in Yurigahara Park in Sapporo. The trees began to blossom in mid-February, one week earlier than usual, delighting visitors with their vivid yellow flowers.

 In Europe, mimosa blossoms are known as ‘the flower that heralds spring’ and can be seen in gardens south of the Kanto region in Japan. In Hokkaido, it is difficult for the trees to survive the winter, but visitors to the center are familiar with the tree, which has become somewhat of a symbol there. Currently, tufted flowers hang like grapes from the 6-meter-tall trees in the center’s large greenhouse, where temperatures are maintained at a constant 8 degrees.

 A company employee visiting the center from Tomakomai took photos, saying “The volume of flowers is incredible. It’s magnificent, isn’t it?” The flowers can be enjoyed until early March.


Yurigahara Park