Paragliders adorn autumn Niseko sky

Paragliders adorned the sky in central Hokkaido’s Niseko region as tourists inundated the area during the four day weekend lasting until September 22. The “Niseko Sky Race” was held on the 21st, which had the best weather of the weekend, and ten paragliders took to the air in the area between Mount Niseko Annupuri (1,308 meters tall) and Mount Chisenupuri (1,134 meters tall). Race participants flew around designated points, vying to reach the goal in the shortest time. It was like orienteering in the sky. This reporter, with 29 years of paragliding experience, also joined in. I took off from a point 950 meters high at the Niseko Annupuri International Ski Area on around noon of September 21. I rode on a rising air current that blows upwards along the slope of the mountain.


Niseko Annupuri International Ski Area