Passionate gaze from cockpit?

Hokkaido Air System (HAC) propeller plane “Saab 340” uses sunshades with eyeballs even while parked at Okadama Airport in Sapporo. HAC connects Sapporo with cities such as Hakodate and Kushiro.
The shades were handmade by the airline staff, and are popular with children and airplane fans. The staff made two sets of sunshades with eyeballs in 2013 so that people could enjoy looking at them whilst the shades prevent the temperature from rising in the cockpit from strong sunlight. The staff cut thermal insulation sheets to match the window shape and added the eyeball design. They are used at the discretion of the mechanics on sunny days in the summer when the plane has to park for up to an hour. This year, the shades entered use at the end of June and will probably continue to be used throughout September.


Okadama Airport