Peach cabin attendant livestreams Washo Market kattedon rice bowl

Harada Khana (left) and Hirota Sayaka (center) enjoy trying kattedon

On January 20, low-cost carrier Peach Aviation broadcast a livestream session from Kushiro Washo Market in the city of Kushiro. This is a Peach campaign in which cabin attendants livestream the fun of flight destinations on the photograph sharing app “Instagram”. For this session, a cabin attendant browsed the market area and ate the famous “kattedon” (a rice bowl with customer-selected seafood toppings), promoting the amazingness of Eastern Hokkaido food.

This campaign has been running since July of last year in an effort to inspire people to travel amidst a slump in air flight demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic impact. For this installment of the campaign, cabin attendant Hirota Sayaka browsed the market, guided by former bus guide and current ballpoint pen artist Harada Khana.

After Harada introduced Hirota and the livestream viewers to specialty local items like fresh Kushiro seafood, local sake, and wood sculptures, they reported on what kinds of kattedon dishes they could order within a budget of 2,000 yen per order. Hirota ordered seafood toppings including shrimp, scallops, and ikura (salmon caviar) and expressed excitement about the fresh seafood, “The meat is so plump and delicious.”

The livestream was 45 minutes, and approximately 2,500 people viewed it. The video can be viewed at the Peach Instagram account.


Kushiro Washo Market