PR event to attract international conferences held at large garden next to JR Asahikawa Station

Asahikawa Tourist & Convention Association held a mock social gathering on October 23 in ‘Kitasaito,’ a garden adjacent to the South Plaza of JR Asahikawa Station in the city in northern Hokkaido. Approximately 50 medical personnel who organize medical-related academic conferences in the city were invited, in a bid to promote the use of the venue for social gatherings when academic forums and international conferences are held in the city.
The 12-hectare Western-style garden boasts 80,000 trees and plants of 300 varieties, and its location next to Chubetsu River – one of Asahikawa’s famous rivers – affords fabulous views of the mountains of the Daisetsuzan National Park.
 Several academic conferences connected to the Asahikawa Medical University are held in the city every year, attracting approximately 10,000 people in total. The Tourist & Convention Association believes that if the garden can be utilized as a place to hold get-togethers and social events to showcase the appeal of Asahikawa, even more forums and conventions can be attracted to the city.
One advantage is that, as an outdoor venue, it is easier for people to gather during the covid-19 pandemic restrictions.
 Large tents and wood-burning stoves were set up in the plaza, snacks were served and the venue was lit-up after dark.