Pumpkin "Amabie" figure attracts visitors at Hokkaido garden

With Halloween coming up and the novel coronavirus pandemic still ongoing, a pumpkin figure in the shape of “Amabie,” a legendary Japanese “yokai” goblin who is believed to ward off diseases, has appeared at Ueno Farm, a tourist garden in Hokkaido’s Asahikawa, and become a popular photo spot among visitors.

The 2.3-meter-tall figure features a 20-kilogram pumpkin as the head of the half-human, half-fish creature. Garden ropes were used for its long hair, and a “koinobori” carp streamer as its body.

Since the figure was set up on Sept. 1, it has been greeted excitedly by visitors, according to the garden.

“Since it is said that if you take a picture of Amabie and show it to others, it will ward off diseases, I hope people will help spread it,” said gardener Sayuki Ueno.

The Amabie figure will be on display until Oct. 18, the garden’s last opening day for this season. There are three other pumpkin figures in the park, but the Amabie doll is the only one that can be enjoyed without paying admission fees as it is located in front of the cafe at the garden’s entrance.


Ueno Farm