Roadside rest area staff cooperate in marriage proposal at Atsuta ‘Lovers’ Sanctuary’

Ms. Owari with Mr. Tamori, whose proposal at the Atsuta Park Observatory – which is known as a ‘Lovers’ Sanctuary’ – was successful

A man from the city of Chitose who, on July 7, staged a marriage proposal at the Atsuta Park Observatory in the Ishikari region of central Hokkaido, which was the first place in Hokkaido to be recognized as a ‘Lovers’ Sanctuary,’ did so with the cooperation of the ‘Ishikari Ai-Road’ (love road) Atsuta’ roadside rest area, which is also located in Atsuta Park. The proposal was successful, and the roadside rest area is promoting the facility in the hope that “many people will visit the place as a ‘power spot for romance.’”

The ‘Lovers’ Sanctuary’ recognition system was planned by The Area Activation Supporting Center NPO to help revitalize local communities. In 2006, the first year of the program, the Atsuta Observatory was selected as a romantic place suitable for marriage proposals, from among tourist attractions around Japan.

The marriage proposal was made by Tamori Ryosuke (27) from Chitose, and accepted by Owari Ayaka (25), also from Chitose. Mr. Tamori planned the proposal at the observatory and requested the cooperation of the nearby roadside rest area, saying, “I was impressed by the view when I came here last year.” Staff at the roadside rest area waited at the observatory with a bouquet of flowers prepared by Mr. Tamori. When the couple appeared, they handed the bouquet to Mr. Tamori, who then offered it to Ms. Owari and proposed to her successfully. “It was really unexpected. The sunset is so beautiful, I want to come back every year to remind me of this,” smiled Ms. Owari.


Atsuta Park Observatory