‘Shiroi Koibito’ is now beer and will be sold by Ishiya and Lupicia in November

‘Shiroi Koibito Beer’ jointly developed by Ishiya and Lupicia (Photo courtesy of Lupicia Co., Ltd)

Major confectioner Ishiya Co., Ltd. (Sapporo) and major tea sales company Lupicia Co., Ltd., (Niseko, Shiribeshi region) have joined forces to develop ‘Shiroi Koibito Beer’, which uses the confectioner’s popular ‘Shiroi Koibito’ product as part of its ingredients. The sweetness of white chocolate and the fruity aroma of hops harmonize to create a characteristically refreshing taste.

The beer will be available from November 15 at ‘Shiroi Koibito Park’ in Nishi-ku, Sapporo, as well as from each of Lupicia’s Hokkaido stores and online shop. It will also be sold occasionally at Ishiya dealers at airports and major JR stations throughout Hokkaido from December 1.

Ishiya proposed the collaboration with Lupicia in a bid to reinvigorate the regions through cooperation between companies in Hokkaido. By adding ‘Shiroi Koibito’ white chocolate and Hokkaido skimmed milk powder before the fermentation process, a slight sweetness is created, which goes well with the aroma of the hops and the bitterness of the wort.

The 330-ml bottles will be available at a price determined by the retailer, and up to 100,000 bottles per year will be produced at Lupicia’s brewery, which was constructed in the town of Niseko last year.