Shizunai Agricultural High School produced horse fetched 25 million yen at auction, students exclaim, "I can't believe it!"

"Kento", the horse that was auctioned for 25 million yen

Shizunai Agricultural High School in the town of Shinhidaka is the only high school in Japan with a production class for racing horses. On August 25, a one year old horse from the school was put up for auction at the “Summer Sale” in Shinhidaka, and was purchased for the winning bid of 25 million yen.
The school has listed thoroughbred horses raised by the students for twenty years, but the previous highest buying price was only around five million yen. The students were overjoyed, saying things like, “I can’t believe it,” and, “This is a recognition of our hard work.”
The auctioned horse was “Kento” (male), a horse born last May. Bidding started at 2.5 million yen, but participants kept voicing new bids, and the price rocketed.
The Kagoshima Prefecture building materials company president who bought Kento said, “He has an ideal build and was simply the best.” One of the nine 3rd year students from the school who helped raise the horse said tearfully, “I’m so happy. It’s great that our horse is going to be loved by a lot of people. The school is a public Hokkaido school, and the proceeds will be invested into the Hokkaido Treasury.

Shizunai Agricultural High School students who were present at the birth and cared for the horse


Shizunai Agricultural High School