Skateboard fever, popularity rocketing in Tokachi after Olympics!

School students practice the "boardslide" trick, sliding over an obstacle

The new skateboard category generated multiple teenage medalists in the Tokyo Olympics. Even in Tokachi, skateboarders are practicing hard towards future medalist dreams. And Obihiro City skateboard shop “40 Champ” opened up a weekend “Skateboard School” to broaden the ranks of skateboard enthusiasts.

Since it launched in July, this school has gathered a wide age range of students from small children to adults in their fifties, who all practice to master skateboard tricks. The instrutor is Seino, a clerk at the shop. The shop is an affiliated member of the Hokkaido branch of the Japan Skateboard Association (AJSA) and actively supports skateboarders who participate in competitions. Seino commented, “I judge the level of the participants, and progressively teach them tricks they should be able to master with just a little bit of effort. That great feeling of mastering a new trick is what motivates them to practice.”

As seen by many people who watched the Tokyo Olympics, the spirit of overcoming challenges that is embedded in skateboarding competitions imparted the strong impression of a diversity that is different from traditional sports with their philosophy of winning over other competitors. Seino focuses on highlighting this, saying, “I always make sure to strongly consider enthusiasm when evaluating performance in practice.”

The school operates from 10:00 a.m. to noon on Saturdays and Sundays, and the fee is 500 yen per lesson. Applications are accepted at the shop Facebook page:

Children practicing at the skateboarding school
School student practicing on a quarter pipe


40 Champ