Ski Jumper Takanashi Sara impresses to take 5th consecutive crown

Takanashi Sara’s first jump, which exceeded the critical point after starting from Gate 6

“The men start from this point.” Women’s ski jumper Takanashi experienced a first at the Miyanomori Jump Stadium (Normal Hill), a place so familiar to her that she claims her “jumping style was created here.”

Takanashi was the last to appear in the first jump, starting from Gate 6. As all the men’s second jumps that day started from Gate 5, it was an ultra-low gate comparable to that of the men. The start was one meter lower than that of Ito and 2 meters lower than that of Maruyama.

The first jumper started at Gate 13, but in the latter stages the headwind became stronger and stronger. The gates were gradually lowered to prevent over-flying and, just before Takanashi’s jump, the gate was lowered two steps further.

However, Takanashi exceeded the critical point, as usual.
As expected, “the approach felt different,” but she managed to catch the wind to place 3rd. “The content was good, so I was able to link-up well.” As everyone started their second jump from Gate 10, there was almost no wind, but Takanashi was the only athlete to clear 90 m, coming from behind to win.

Takanashi remembers starting from Gate 30 at Miyanomori when she was a child. The low position of the gate “is mark of not so much my growth but the growth of women’s ski jumping, itself.”
Thanks to Takanashi’s influence, the number of female ski jumpers is increasing. More than 30, including junior-high school pupils, took part in this tournament. Takanashi, who turned 25 on October 8, says “If you round it up, I’m already ‘around 30’. There are many of my juniors whose names I don’t know. I want to influence them. I want to teach them many things,”

After the award ceremony, Takanashi took a commemorative photo with about 20 fellow ski jumpers.


Miyanomori Ski Jump Stadium