Sweets made by father of Olympic javelin athlete Kitaguchi sold to cheer-on his beloved daughter to gold

Kitaguchi Haruka, who was selected to represent Japan in the javelin event at the Tokyo Olympics
Father, Kohei, who made the sweets to cheer-on his daughter

Two types of sweets began being sold at ‘Hokkaido Brasserie Lilas’ in the Art Hotel Asahikawa in the city of Asahikawa on July 2, in support of Kitaguchi Haruka (23), a local athlete from the JAL athletics team who has been selected to represent Japan in the women’s javelin event at the Tokyo Olympics.

Haruka’s father, Kohei (55) is the chief patissier at the hotel, and both varieties of sweets being sold have a special place in Haruka’s heart. “I want those who are cheering for Haruka to enjoy the taste at home,” said Kohei.

The sweets being sold are ‘Kitaguchi family’s old-fashioned custard pudding’ (234 yen; 230 yen to take out) and ‘Hashibami (hazelnut) éclair’ (326 yen; 320 yen to take out).
The pudding is a recipe that Kohei made for his family regularly. It’s a simple pudding made with just milk, eggs, sugar and vanilla that Haruka sometimes used to help him make when she was an elementary school pupil.

The eclairs are made with puff pastry filled with custard and hazelnut cream, topped with hazelnuts.

The eclairs were also made by Kohei in December 2019 to celebrate Haruka breaking the Japanese national record in October of the same year. It is said that they ate the eclairs together when she returned home to Asahikawa.

Kohei attended the Japan National Championships (Osaka) on June 25, in which Haruka’s Olympic team selection was determined, and watched from the stands. “I think she was nervous but we, as parents, have been nervous for about a month. The Olympics were postponed for a year and so it’s just a relief for it to have finally been decided,” he said. Kohei gave a shout-out to his beloved daughter, saying “If we can go and see her at the venue [at the Olympics in August], we want to cheer her on in person, and when she returns to Asahikawa we’ll celebrate with my cakes.”


Art Hotel Asahikawa